About Me

Hello All,

My name is Warren Zwick and I’ve been a longboard and skateboard enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Not only am I a longboard enthusiast but, I am a long standing member of the vegan community and on the search for improving and supporting our ever diminishing climate conditions.


I’ve been progressively improving as I’ve focused more and more energy into each separate sport of skateboarding and longboarding. Growing up in San Francisco, longboarding has been a natural progression in life. Everyone seems to at least try it at some point and for me, I fell in love with it. I ended up picking up skateboarding along the way but really found my calling with a longboard.


What do I enjoy the most with longboarding? Freeride. What is that? Freeride is one of the most popular styles right now. There is a lot of speeding down hills, stand up and hands down sliding, carving, and some integration of freestyle tricks.


With that being said, I have recently stumbled upon the electric longboard and skateboard community. I’ve tested a handful of different options out and have since decided upon a Yuneec E-GO2. After deciding upon which brand I chose, I quickly realized how much fun these boards were.


With so much information on the internet, I wanted to create a site that is strictly about the transformative age of transportation we are experiencing. Electric Powered. Whether it be a skateboard, longboard, bike, scooter etc. I am here to explain to you clearly, all the pros and cons in my humble opinion easily laid out about these new generation forms of transport. To help you understand products available quickly and easily. And to hopefully inform you enough that you jumpstart into the new age of technology available to us in 2016/17.


After 15+ years of being on a board of some type, I can honestly say, I am excited about this new field opening up and what it will have to offer! It is truly exciting. And since I have now felt the energy of electric-powered skateboards, I plan on converting a majority of my other small-scale transport methods to electric as well, including bike and a longboard too!


I look forward to reviewings and writing all I can about this new technology and options available!